This is how we will create your product, step by step:

Practically all our covers are made to order. When you place your order, our workshop initiates the process of creating a cover made exclusively for you. This section shows you how we will create your cover, step by step, so that you receive a product of maximum quality.


This is the first phase of production and the basis of the whole process:

  • The material is delivered to the workshop in a roll, which is the best way to handle and preserve our raw material. 
  • Several layers of the fabric are spread over a previously prepared surface before cutting, thus ensuring a more exact and efficient process. 
  • Next, the pattern is marked on the fabric before cutting. 

Although it may seem straightforward, this is a delicate process and is crucial for achieving a quality product.



In this phase, we cut the previously drawn pattern with great care to obtain the base of the cover. To do this, we rely on:

  • The skill of our workers, who have the experience necessary to perform such a meticulous and demanding task.
  • Specialised high quality machinery that ensures a clean, safe and efficient cut.

Once the fabric has been cut we place it on trolleys to distribute it to the workers who will carry out the next phases of production.



This is the most complex phase, as the process and machinery vary depending on the product we are manufacturing:

  • Our specialised workers carry out their work with specific machines for the product they are creating.
  • We have machines for making buttonholes, and machines for creating the characteristic edging of our cover, among others.

Whether to produce covers for winged armchairs or recliners, or one-piece elastic covers or a separate piece for the seat, each machine performs a different task, but with a common element: the perfect union of craftsmanship and technology.



Once the cover has been made, our workers scrutinise it, piece by piece, and then carefully fold and package it.

The objective of this phase is to ensure that the product is delivered to you in perfect condition, both in terms of the cover itself and the packaging.



The production process ends with the storage and distribution of the recently manufactured product.

  • With such a variety of covers, models, colours and sizes on offer, it is complicated to have all our products in stock. That is why every week we initiate the process described above so that you can enjoy your cover in the shortest time possible.
  • In some cases, we may have certain covers in stock. In this case, you will receive your order in 3-4 working days.

The final objective of all this process, from the choice of fabric to the delivery of your order, is that you receive a cover that lives up to all your expectations. By striving for quality, we strive for your satisfaction.

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