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Chaise Longue Covers 

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Chaise longue sofas are trending. This style of sofa, which is characterised by having one seat longer than the rest, allowing full body support, combines comfort and functionality.

If you have a chaise longue in your room, you'll want to protect it from daily wear and tear. To make it last longer and keep it in great condition, we recommend using a chaise longue sofa cover.

At Fundasdesofá, we have an extensive online catalogue for you to pick out your favourite chaise longue sofa cover according to your personal style. Give your decor a refresh while keeping your sofa in perfect condition.

Stretchable and Adaptable Chaise Longue Covers

Stretchable and adaptable chaise longue covers give you everything you need for your sofa: protection, quality, comfort and style.

We have more than 30 different styles available, in a wide range of colours, meaning you can choose the cover that best suits the decor of your room.

The covers are made with high-quality fabrics, and you can choose from a variety of stretch, multi-stretch, waterproof or anti-wrinkle fabrics.

With Fundasdesofá chaise longue covers, you can refresh your home decoration at an affordable price. Take a look around our website and discover a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures; a multitude of ways to give your sofa a stylish makeover without having to invest a fortune.

Our covers protect your entire chaise longue sofas

Our stretchable covers protect your entire chaise longue, shielding the most vulnerable areas. They're adjustable and easily fitted, and can also be made to measure.

They're easy to put on and take off, meaning you can wash them as often as you need without having to go to the dry cleaners or use cleaning products that damage the fabric.


Chaise longue sofa cover

Another way to protect your chaise longue is to use a sofa cover. This protection is made up of three sewn pieces; one large one for the backrest and seats and two for the armrests, which are the areas most susceptible to dirt and damage. With its back strap system, you get perfect fastening and adaptability

It's specially designed to protect the key areas of your chaise longue, quickly and safely.

Chaise longue cover for fabric protection

Chaise longue sofa covers are incredibly useful if you live with children or pets, helping keep your sofa stain-free and protecting it from both daily wear and tear as well as dust and dirt.

We also have non-slip chaise longue covers, made from fabrics with Teflon technology, which repels water and makes it easier to remove stains.

A chaise longue without a cover runs the risk of deteriorating prematurely, which means spending extra money. And if you have pets and children, you'll know that stains are something you can't avoid.

Our quality and affordable chaise longue sofa covers will keep your sofa in perfect condition for longer.

Buy chaise longue sofa covers online

If you’re looking to buy chaise longue sofa covers, standard sofa coverssofa bed covers or even armchair covers, you’re in the right place. At Fundasdesofá, you can buy quality sofa covers online and have them delivered directly to your home with fast shipping and at a very affordable price.


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