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Universal Sofa Covers 

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Sofa covers at incredible prices

Sofa covers are the best way to keep your sofa in optimal condition and free from environmental dirt and unwanted stains.


When you cover your sofa, you’re not only protecting its material and fabric from liquid spills, stains and scratches, you’re also extending its life, making it the perfect investment.


If you have any pets or small children at home – prime suspects for stains and spillages – sofa covers are the best way to keep dirt and hair at bay. Our sofa covers are specially designed to cover the areas of your sofa that are most easily stained, such as the backrest, armrests and seats themselves.

If you’re searching for a cheap sofa cover of exceptional quality, at Fundas de sofá we have everything you’re looking for. We have every kind of sofa cover you can imagine, from a chaise longue sofa cover to a 4-seater sofa cover. Whatever its size or measurements, we have the perfect sofa cover for you on our website

Wide range of sofa cover sizes and colours

When choosing a sofa protector, its measurements, colour and fabric type are all incredibly important factors. You need to pick the sofa cover that best suit your needs, taking into consideration both its shape and size.


At Fundas de sofá, we have a whole range of sizes (from large 4-seater XL sofa covers to smaller 2-seater sofa covers) as well as models with different textures and compositions, meaning you can choose between a non-slip sofa cover, a relax-edition sofa cover or a cotton sofa cover for extra comfort.


And that’s not all, because with our sofa covers you can decorate as well as protect. We have a wide range of colours to choose from to help you give your living room a brand-new look.


Our vast range of sofa covers, all of which you’ll find in our online catalogue, make it cheap and easy to protect your sofa. And even if you can’t find your perfect sofa cover, we can create a completely custom-made model for you.

Chaise longue sofa cover

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a chaise longue sofa cover that both protects and fits properly too.


At Fundas de sofá, we have all kinds of chaise longue sofa covers – including different sizes, styles and colours – making protecting your chaise longue as easy as can be.

Corner sofa cover

Is finding a good corner sofa cover proving to be a veritable odyssey? Don’t worry at Fundas de sofá we have all kinds of sofa covers, including for corner sofas. Take a look at our online catalogue to discover the wide variety of corner sofa covers we have available.


3-seater sofa cover

3-seaters are one of the most popular kinds of sofa, and at Fundas de sofá you’ll find the best 3-seater sofa covers. With a wide variety of materials, styles and colours available, you can buy your 3-seater sofa cover in a single click.

Buy cheap sofa covers at Fundasdesofa

If you’re looking for sofa covers at low prices but with complete quality guarantees, Fundas de sofá is the place for you. As sofa cover specialists, we have a wide variety of products to help keep your sofa looking as good as new, including waterproof covers, and even covers for your bed.


We have chaise longue sofa covers, sofa covers for smaller sofas, summer-inspired sofa covers and multipurpose sofa covers, all of which will help extend the life of your sofa, whatever its style.


Buy our sofa covers now and enjoy a relaxing dinner on your sofa watching your favourite series, or perhaps arrange a get-together with friends… all without having to worry about your sofa getting scuffed or stained.

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