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Available colours

With this excellent and patented system PATTERN-FIT we can offer one single cover to fit a wide range of different types of sofa. This cover is as useful for modern sofas as it is for classic-style sofas; no matter how different their features may be. It is an unique design that gives us full confidence in this product more than ever.

It complies with the requirements of TRIPLE PLUS:

-ADAPTABLE: Guaranteed fitting accuracy. It adapts to a wide range of different shapes and styles. It looks as if it was the original cover.

-USEFUL: Excellent option to protect your sofa or bring it back to life; with our PATTERN-FIT covers

-EASY TO FIT: It is very easy to drape the cover over your sofa. The cover has a red tag or marker on the outside, which always remains visible on your right-hand side when facing the sofa.

The fabric is bi-elastic, that means it is stretchable in two directions, horizontally and vertically. Bi-elastic fabrics fit much better because they reduce creases and can cover more surface.

The cover is 100% washable. A tag inside the sofa cover will give you further washing instructions. 

78% Polyester - 15% Cotton - 7% Elastomer.


Maximum washing temperarture Do not use bleach Do not iron Do not use dryer machine Do not dry clean


SIZES (measurement of the back of the sofa):
1 extensible seater size from 70 to 110 Cm.
2 extensible seater size from 130 to 180 Cm.
3 extensible seater size from 180 to 240 Cm.
4 extensible seater size from 240 to 270 Cm.

(The pattern of the 4 seater cover is unique in the market, by the fact of not having any joint or connection to reach this size, so the cover is made in one piece only. You will be able to take profit of this exclusivity only on
How to choose the correct size? Use our measurement assistant and we will help you. You can send your measurements here 

Once you have placed your order we check if the cover is in stock. If so, we prepare it so that you can receive it within 3-4 working days.

If we do not have your cover in stock, we proceed to manufacture it in our workshop to send it between 2 and 10 working days.

To see the process we use to manufactureyour cover please click here 

This video is for demonstration only; the cover shown could differ slightly from the one you have purchased.

(The model shown on this video corresponds to the Niger model)

You will receive with your cover some foam pieces made of polyurethane. You can insert them between the cushions and the arms, placing them whilst you fit the cover. These pieces exert pressure which provides rigidity and stability to the armchair cover.

Polyurethane pieces

Effect of the polyurethane foam pieces

* Wash separately dark colours before use.
* The colours shown in this presentation may show variation from reality due to the limitations of different screen resolutions, brightness, etc.